Bistable Perception Review

Randolph Blake, Jan Brascamp and Tomas collaborated with Philipp Sterzer to write what we feel is the next major review article in the field of Bistable Perception. We’re very proud to have used our scientific controversy into a productive collaboration, bringing together the high-level and low-level views on bistable perception in one coherent narratie. For the full paper, please see “Multistable perception and the role of the frontoparietal cortex in perceptual inference.”.

Population Receptive Field Mapping Review

Serge Dumoulin and Tomas wrote a review on how the representation of visual information changes as a function of cognitive demands and disorders. This is not the last article from this collaboration at the Spinoza Centre, by far! For the full paper, please see “How Visual Cortical Organization Is Altered by Ophthalmologic and Neurologic Disorders.”.