Ascanius is a Xeon Phi DAP system. It is especially suited for highly parallel data analysis, and the training of neural network models. It’s connected to Aeneas via direct a 10GigE connection.


Ascanius runs Centos 7.2. As with Aeneas, our goal is to provide as much flexibility to the users while expending as little effort as possible. This means that we try to take care of operating system type stuff, and users are expected to take care of their own userland software installations.

In practice, we have installed daemons etc, but the installation of neuroimaging packages, python toolchains, etc. is left in the hands of the users.

For specific software installation issues, refer to the specific pages in the IT section of this website.


To connect to Ascanius: SSH from Aeneas. This allows you to run analyses from the terminal. In terms of data access, Ascanius can load the Aeneas Home folders as an NFS mount, thus operating on the same data as Aeneas. These home directories are then accessible via /data/shared/, for example.