This section of the website is a wiki-like collection of instructions on how we do computer stuff. We have multiple in-house data analysis servers, and use the Lisa and Cartesius clusters of the surfsara organization.

In order to create a reproducible data analysis pipeline, we only use open-source software. We track our own programming on GitHub, our collection of tools is on our lab github page. There, you can find the tools we use to create experiments, perform finite impulse response fitting, or set up reproducible science docker images, and many others.

All of our data analysis and experiment programming is done in python. Not only is the open nature of the python science ecosystem vital to how we do science, it is also a beautiful thing to be able to contribute to this ecosystem.

  • Ascanius

    Xeon Phi analysis server, and how to connect to it.

  • Neuroimaging Software

    How to install your own neuroimaging software on Aeneas (or Ascanius).

  • Python

    Python programming language, data analysis packages in python and toolchain install on Aeneas/Ascanius.

  • Aeneas

    The main analysis server, and how to connect to it.